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Todays Top AVS

1. CyberSexNet.
2. AdultBouncer

3. RainbowPass.
4. FreeAgeCard

5. SexPicturesPass


  AdultBouncer AVS best features:
2500 gigs of free video content!
100% Free Bannerless hosting!
Unlimited storage and bandwidth !
Integrated partnership program. !
24/7 IRC webmaster Support and 800 #!

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Brand new version of our Chat board! :More:
Updated the AVS listings page! :More:

  Kick back, grab a drink and Chat while you lounge in our chat board! There are lots of chat boards out there, we hope to be a regular stop on your chat board rounds we all do every day (some of us do it every hour). We can offer you expert advice on cranking up your AVS money making machine! Come grab your user name while it's still available! :More:    

  Overwhelmed trying to make a zillion different kinds of buttons and other graphics every AVS site needs? Check out our free webmaster graphics! Did I say free? Yes you are free to use them on any LEGAL site you want since we made them all from scratch, they are royalty free! :More:    

  If your like me. you love those little polls they have on CNN and USA Today, so we made our own set of polls! You can vote once per day, but to keep the numbers good, try not to vote more than once! :More:    

  Over Time, this will become a very large link database of sponsers, content providers, and tutorials. We have not finished this section, it will always be a work in progress as any good webmaster resource section should be. For now we have listed the resources we currently use wand some other miscellaneous things. This section will grow and become very useful! Be patient!    


Ultra Lounge
Good Lounge Music, and Drink Mixes in "hey" Bartender

the ROMP
They have awesome original flash animations like "Booty Call" featuring Jake a.k.a. "the Jedi Pimp Master", funniest anime I have ever seen! Plus they have "Officer Krupt", "Sex and the Inner City" and much more!

Atom Films
Great place to stop by and catch cool short films! Check out their "Extreme" channel!
A zillion web games to play with others online. Very addiciting! Board Games, Cards, arcade, they got em all!
Browse through Galleries of surfer submitted ugly people pictures! There are some really ugly people out there! Submit your buddy's pics today :)